Life-Changing Financial Stability Program for African Freelancers.

The first and only client acquisition program 15% of African Freelancers need to get to maintain a sustainable income from freelancing online.

About The Client Acquisition Program

The gig economy is currently on the rise. Even more interestingly, is its significant surge in Africa.

Reports from ThriveMyWay have it that there are about 1.15 billion freelancers in the world with over 10.15% of Africans in that mass.

However, further reports have confirmed that 60% of African freelancers are either underpaid or have unstable income streams from freelancing and that is where the Client Acquisition Program comes in.

90,600,000 freelancers in Africa

Are either underpaid or do not find freelancing and the digital space as  sustainable and predictable streams of income. The Client Acquisition Program aims to change that with actionable and implementable teachings spearheaded by a one-time underpaid freelancer.

40,000 African freelancers

This program aims to extract 40,000 underpaid and undervalued African freelancers from this dilemma. This program is geared towards helping 40,000 African freelancers to build sustainable systems and predictable revenue so that they can gain global relevance and of course, be financially independent and stable.

What's In It For Our Sponsors?

For sponsors, the benefits of sponsoring this impactful event is the fact that the facilitators aim to reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your typical customer lifetime value. You might ask how?

By intentionally building a community of African freelancers who will not only learn, implement and get results from the program, but will also trust, give feedback and definitely want to try what the facilitator recommends.

Having a human element that is well trusted, and a closely knitted relationship that is easily accessible, the participants will not only increase the subscription rate and purchase of your product, but will come back for more as they can always tell the facilitator their objections.

The facilitator who at this point acts not only as your sales rep but a confidant to the participants, who will direct them on how to properly use your product and placate them when problems arise till the issues are resolved.

Putting aside the reduction in the CAC and the increase in the CLTV, this program will be running for a period of 6 months. That means that whatever investment you make, these participants are going to hear your name consistently for 6 months. 

In the course of the campaign, there is an estimated number of 90,000,000 impressions across all social media channels that will be accumulated through our marketing campaigns.

So, aside from the 40,000 persons who will be selected to participate in this program, about 90,000,000 persons get to hear your brand's name in an empowerment program which will also increase your CSR.

Brands We're Looking To Partner With

We are looking forward to partnering with brands under these categories as their solutions will be more prevalent and well appreciated by the typical African freelancer.

  1. Payment gateways that enable international/ cross-border transactions. 
  2. Pay-as-you go software for mobile and desktop purchases.
  3. Solar companies.
  4. Power Bank brands.
  5. Network Booster providers.
  6. Data Subsidy providers.
  7. Portfolio or website design platform.
  8. Invoicing software.
  9. Productivity tools.
  10. E-signing software.
  11. Escrow platforms.

About The Facilitator.

Favour Lucy Aya is an 18-year old LinkedIn influencer with over 75,000 followers on LinkedIn. 60% of her audience consists freelancers - African freelancers to be exact. 

She started her wealth journey officially in 2021 after being underpaid by her boss as a writer. After she realized how gravely undervalued and underpaid she was then as a fresher in the university, she decided to plunge head first into the sea of freelancing, only to get lost in the waves and tides of freelancing.

However, something or rather, someone made the difference for Favour. A coach. She just needed the push and nudge towards the right direction.

Today, she is the founder of two registered companies - BALS University and BDS, an e-learning university and a marketing agency both bootstrapped from freelancing.

As at 2023, there are 90,000,000 Favours' of 2021 and most times, all they need is a nudge in the direction that has been tested and tried to work.

That is what she aims to achieve with the Client Acquisition program, but with so much more inclusive.

They Say

Olamide Williams

Personal Branding Strategist

In 45 days of implementing all you taught religiously, I was able to amass a total sum of $1,658 in gross income.

Mustapha Sa'ad

Web Developer

I just implemented the OM strategy and I got a job offer that put me on a retainer of $1,000 per month.



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