Personal & Corporate Branding Specialist

I am here to ensure that you get the influence and revenue that you crave for your brand with the power of effective and unconventional branding on social media. 

And no, it's not going to be like anything you know. Still not convinced with what you saw on my page?



Maximizing ROI for Start-up SaaS Solutions and dogged Freelancers who want to earn what they are worth.

How I Can Help You

Here are three ways we can work together to better position your corporate or personal brand for enhanced visibility and revenue.

One-on-one Consultation

Hop on a 45-mins long, 1-1 recorded session to analyze and maximize the results in your personal and corporate brand as a Founder or a Freelancer on LinkedIn.


Elevate your SaaS company's visibility and influence using social media with strategies that spur real time conversations that bring in the bucks!


Kickstart your LinkedIn journey as a freelancer with the 'Become A LinkedIn Superstar' Course. Learn how to attract high paying clients with tested strategies and just your skills!

Praise and Testimonials

 I got a $1,600 client within 45 days of implementing everything you taught.  You're patient and always willing to guide me through.

olamide williams

With my very first post on LinkedIn, I got a qualified prospect. He called from London and said he has intentions of buying a house later this year and would love me to vet one for him. Just with my first post.

cherry akim

Wow, Favour. In just 8 hours, I've gotten 75 new followers. Some are from prospects that fit my ICP and a number of persons send me messages talking about how excited they are to keep reading from me.

babara young

My brother got a $600 web design gig two weeks after I implemented your strategy, Favour.  What you teach really works and you're not talking about it enough.

olufemi ade

Some Brands I Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With

About Favour L. Aya

Within the past 10 months I have helped over 1,320 business professionals to skyrocket their social currency in influence and income.

I am here to work with you to skyrocket your SaaS solution's social media game for visibility, conversions and a loyal community.

I work with freelancers who want to charge what they are worth, with LinkedIn as the vehicle. 

Join the moving train before it passes you by.