You missed out!

Did you know that potential clients who can pay you handsomely for your services are not hard to find?

That's right!

I thought it was before now though. 

It was very hard for me when I was just starting out as a digital entrepreneur. 

Even down the line when I had advanced a little bit with my skills and the business models I was involved with.

Getting high paying clients was not so easy for me at that time. At first I thought I was alone in the entire frustration, until I met a couple of people who were facing the same plight. 

But, then, I didn't believe it had to be so because there are a lot of people in my industry who were doing so well, and that got me thinking.

I believe that they're so many prospects who can benefit from my services, but the issue was how to find them.

This went on for a while, until I discovered a fail-proof that anyone, including you, can use to land 4 figure dollar clients on a regular basis without stress…

This simple trick to landing $100 clients is for you if your are:

–A student looking to make money online 

–A nursing mother or stay at home mom who wants to monetize her skills online.

–Skilled individuals who want to scale up big time online 

–Business professionals who're looking for high paying clients to partner/ sell to.

…the potential it has in terms of using it to get as many clients as you want, clients who are  ready to pay you for your services, are endless..

It is working for my students and I, even lots of skilled individuals and business professionals are using it to land clients on a regular basis.

You see? 

It is very effective...

You can take it from me today and implement it immediately and watch the overwhelming results pour in.

But before you believe anything I say or take this simple trick to landing $100 clients regularly..

..let me introduce myself to you.

My Name Is Favour Lucy Aya (The LinkedIn Empress)

I Am A Law Student In My 200L.

A Direct Response Copywriter And Also A LinkedIn Coach And Influencer With Over 61,000 Passionate Followers That I Got In Just 14 Months.

Don't Get Carried Away Or Intimidated, Because

…Less Than 2 Years Ago I Was Just An Average Young Girl Of 17, With No Steady Source Of Income, No Fame, No Visibility Or Influence Online. 

Not Just That, I Was Naïve When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, And What It Was To Monetize A Skill Online. 

I Was Just Looking For A Way To Sustain Myself In School With The Little Money I Was Making From Writing Long–Form Articles For My Former Boss Who Greedily Underpaid Me.

He Subjected Me To Writing Over 15,000 Word Articles Daily Just To Pay Me Peanuts At The End Of The Month.

And The Most Painful Part Was That He Doesn't Pay Me Duly, I Always Had To Beg Him To Pay Me Before He'd Release My Money.

It Was Very Frustrating And Overwhelming For Me..

..But I Had To Keep Working For Him Because I Needed To Ease Some Of The Financial Burden Off My Mum Who Worked Tirelessly To Fend For Me And The Rest Of The Family. 

This, And Even More Hard Times Went On For A While With Me.

But things  changed when I started building on LinkedIn

A Simple, Yet, Effective Strategy That I found gave me...

$500 In Three (3) Weeks Of Showing Up With My Skill On The Online Space AS A NEWBIE, With LinkedIn.

Still in doubt?. LinkedIn gave me the opportunity to meet Forbes African billionaire, Tony Elumelu.

Not long ago I created a video course 'Dominate And Monetize LinkedIn Like a Superstar'. It is a blueprint that over 650 business professionals and skilled individuals just like you have used to earn consistent 4–5  figures in dollars online. 

Well, all that doesn’t really matter now, what does matter is that YOU are here, and I'm going to give you a simple trick from 'Dominate And Monetize LinkedIn Like a Superstar'. It'll land you high paying clients more than you can handle. 

Take it and leverage like there's no tomorrow,  and once you start seeing the magic happen, you can 'Up' your game by grabbing the entire course.

You see,

…before I gained stardom a couple of months ago, I was just like every normal online business person who struggled to monetize my skills and business effectively online. 

The times when I'd manage to get clients, they'll end up underpricing me. It was so frustrating that I had wanted to stop everything online business and focus on my studies. 

But I know I didn't want that for myself.

I was tired of going dead broke when I have something that can actually earn me a lot of money on a regular basis. 

I needed money to fend for myself, and also support my single mom who struggled to fend for me.

I was determined to monetize my skills and business online just like every other successful business people out there.

So I kept pushing until I stumbled on this simple blueprint that multitudes of people are using to find their feat on the online space. 

I'm handing it over to you here and now.

Take it now and apply it in whatever skill or business model you have and experience the wonder it works.

You might be wondering if it'd work for you, absolutely, with a guarantee. But you wouldn't know how powerful it is until you try it out..

Just last week, a lady heard about this trick I'm about to hand over to you now from her colleague who's using it and she decided to try it out…

Guess what? 

She got two clients in just 3 hours of using this trick I want you to try out.

My students and I call it "fail-proof" because it works every single time.

And I GUARANTEE you that it'll work magic for you too. 

This simple trick to landing $100 clients is equipped with;

  • Tested and sure way to get any prospect you want to work with to hire and pay you instantly. [Worth $45]
  • How to draft your customer avatar. (Worth $15)
  • Trick to connecting with high profile individuals strategically. (Worth $20)
  • How to Sample your skill/business strategically to land high paying clients without a CV (Worth $20)

Total $105

Plus, incredible BONUSES I have attached to it. 

  • My pod group (Priceless)
  • A support group (Priceless)
  • LinkedIn job magnet checklist Worth ($15)
  • 25 mins FREE consultation with me every week (Worth $50)

The Bonuses are worth $65

Aggregate Total $170

All these will give you overwhelming results. 

…and because you're here now, I'm going to give it to you at a very DISCOUNTED rate.

Instead of getting it for the original price of $170, I'll be giving it to you for just $1 which is just 700 naira equivalent.

It's a cheat-price, I know, but…

..but the offer is just for today, and you'll be doing yourself wrong if you don't get it NOW.


You missed out!

You're running out of time!.

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